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Whether you are a small or large online store, large business, and small business we cover it all. We remove your logistical challenges by partnering up with you for success.

Logistical Solutionist is the perfect courier and logistics partner. Our integrated network of specialists allows us to offer you what you need when you need it. We offer the best solutions for your needs such as overnight delivery warehousing and more.

Our experienced team is here to assist you with whatever logistical challenge you may have. We strive for effective and efficient operations with networks to reduce your costs, whilst offering the best customer service. 

Economy Services

Economy Services is the most cost-effective courier option available. Perfect for your e-commerce business or online store. Economy service is designed to take into consideration the existing work schedule and pre-planned routes. Experience deliveries within 24 to 72 hours depending on the existing pre-planned route or route guide.

The cost for economy freight is based on normal charges providing that it is a normal delivery. This is the most cost-effective option for you as we are able to integrate into existing deliveries to optimise the route.

Economy service is a great option for your business if you require peace of mind by utilising an efficient delivery mechanism.

Break Bulk

Break Bulk is derived from the term breaking bulk, taking a portion of the cargo and moving it apart from the bulk supply. This normally involves large transportation terminals or cross-dock warehouses to split, sort, and label the new shipments for the final destination. Break Bulk is the most cost-effective and competitively priced option if this model is suitable for your business.

The key to Break Bulk success is flexibility, adaptability, and digitization. The ability of the transporter to increase or decrease capacity leads to breakbulk optimization. We plan and execute breakbulk loads with ease due to our sophisticated logistics network.

Overnight Deliveries

Perfect for important time-sensitive cargo, this is fast and reliable. We offer this service through partners in the airline industry or fast-moving road freight carriers. We select the right mode of transport for you, depending on the size and the commodity type.

These deliveries are done the next morning delivery before 11:59pm or earlier. This is also a service suitable for main centres, and can be arranged based on your requirements.

Same Day Express

Our most efficient delivery option is Same Day Express deliveries, for the extremely urgent deliveries. This service provides a pick-up and delivery in real-time. Call us now and a vehicle is immediately dispatched to collect your goods and transport them directly to the final destination as quickly as humanly possible.

Dedicated Loads


From dedicated large super links vehicles to smaller LDV vehicles, our entire vehicle capacity is yours for the use of moving your specialised or larger cargo from point A-Z, keeping you in control.

We have the ability to integrate into any system to provide a seamless transition of supply chain information including track and trace capabilities for our clients. Contact us today to enquire about integrating our services into your current supply chain system.


We assist with any distribution project, by recommending the most effective and efficient method of performing the project. We plan, implement and monitor every stage of your project.

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